Day Service Supports

The range of supports available to individuals equip them to:
• make choices and plans to support personal goals
• be active, independent members of their community and society
• focus on participation in the community and develop an awareness of their local environment
• achieve positive outcomes for their health and wellbeing.

The nature of the support offered to an individual depends on their particular needs and abilities. A Person Centred Plan is developed for each individual in accordance with the HSE Person Centred Planning Framework. SMART Goal setting helps the individual achieve their identified goal.

A person-centred service is one that is designed and provided around what is important to each person from his or her perspective. Taking a person-centred approach is one of the basic principles of the National Health Strategy, and national disability policy New Directions and Transforming Lives.

Day Service Support Locations

The Stables

The Autism Centre is located in the Stables.
A person centred programme of activities and supports includes Health & Wellbeing, Self-Advocacy, Community Integration and a Sensory Needs Programme

15 Market Street

The Community Inclusion groups are based in the centre of town with the emphasis on activities and programmes to support autonomy, active citizenship and personal development.

The Cabin

This area provides for high support needs with a focus on community inclusion and health and wellbeing. Individuals have person centred care and support plans to support their needs and wishes.

The White Star

Day Service supports are based in this building with a variety of activities available to the individual to support their specific needs and choices. Activities include health & wellbeing, self-advocacy, horticulture, woodwork and art, music and dance.

Cooney's Row

A Horticulture Unit, a catering kitchen and house are available for use to develop skills in the areas of independent living and work skills.